PES also provides cementing and other pressure pumping services to our customers. Cementing services use pressure pumping equipment to deliver a slurry of liquid cement that is pumped down a well between the casing and the bore hole. The principal use of cementing is known as primary cementing. Primary cementing provides isolation between fluid zones behind the casing to minimize potential damage to hydrocarbon bearing formations or the integrity of freshwater aquifers, and provides structural integrity for the casing by securing it to the earth. Cementing is also done when recompleting wells, where one zone is plugged and another is opened. Plugging and abandoning wells also requires cementing services. In addition to cementing services, we expect to provide other pressure pumping services, which will include well injection, cased-hole testing, workover pumping, mud displacement and wireline pumpdowns. Our customers would utilize these other pressure pumping services in connection with the completion of new wells and remedial and production enhancement work on existing wells.

PES' dual pump cementing units contain state-of-the-art automatic density control and data acquisition systems that exceed the normal requirement by oil and gas operators. The data acquisition system monitors the pressure and rates as they occur during downhole treatments. The unit has the capability to store information for up to six jobs before having to download the data. It also has the ability to provide Data Uplink to a telemetry system for real time data deliverability during any treatment.

The Data Uplink system is currently being used during our Hydraulic Fracturing operations. This data acquisition unit, if so desired, can allow the operator to control the pump from a central control van for a safer environment during high pressure jobs. Density Control System removes the human error from the equation when pumping cement slurries down hole. With this unit the density of cement slurry is very exact, thus optimizing product usage for customer benefit. By using the Density Control System the operator will get the following benefits out of this system: 1. exact slurry density, 2. better cement bond logs, 3. pumping time, and 4. better fluid properties. PES' Dual Pumps contain state-of-the-art control systems for easier operation of the pump and all telemetry controls are located within the central control panel for safer operation of this unit.

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